Little Seedlings

Christian Preschool, Kindergarten, Mother's Day Out

About Us


It is our goal to provide your child with a complete developmental experience within an environment of Christian love and care.

While attending Little Seedlings, your child will be encouraged to grow:

Spiritually, through bible stories with real-life application and through building his/her relationship with God;

Intellectually through age-appropriate, child-centered lessons addressing all common core content areas (personal and social development; language & literacy development; cognition and general knowledge – mathematics, science, social studies, music, visual arts, dance; physical development and health – physical education, and health education.

Physically by providing opportunities to develop small motor skills through the use of manipulatives and tools, large motor skills through organized games and physical activity.

Socially by growing interaction skills with other children, teaching politeness and respect of others; and

Emotionally by encouraging independent thought and building each child’s self-confidence.

We recognize and respect that each child grows at his/her own pace.  Your child will be encouraged to participate to the best of his/her ability and will receive positive reinforcement for his/her efforts.

All staff members have met the necessary requirements for licensing from the Office of Child Care.  The staff is comprised of a director, and classroom teachers for each preschool class), and the Kindergarten has a teacher (and an aide when necessitated by enrollment numbers).  The staff is governed by our First Saints Community Church Board of Directors which consists of seven members, the lead minister, the Director of Children’s Ministry, Mother’s Day Out Director, Preschool/Kindergarten Director, and one parent representative each from Little Seedlings Christian Preschool and Kindergarten and the Mother’s Day Out Program.  The Board is scheduled to meet semi-annually.  Information about becoming a member of the Board of Directors is available upon request.


  1. - To help children learn about God and His importance in their lives
  2. - To help each child realize that he/she is special and loved
  3. - To familiarize each child with Bible stories from Old and New Testaments
  4. - To help children discover who they are and what the world is about
  5. - To stimulate communication between children and each other, with adults and with God
  6. - To teach children Christian values
  7. - To help children develop new skills and build the foundation for the continuing of their
  8.    education
  9. - To help children build positive relationships with adults and other children
  10. - To show children that church is a good place to be
  11. - To provide theme-related activities that reinforce learning
  12. - To provide learning activities in a non-competitive setting
  13. - To provide teach and encourage students in Kindergarten to become ready for First Grade.


At Little Seedlings Christian Preschool and Kindergarten, children become a part of an exciting, Christ-centered preschool and Kindergarten curriculum.  We are excited to be offering “The Investigator Club",  a Maryland State Department of Education approved curriculum. 

The InvestiGator Club Early Childhood with STEAM is a comprehensive, fully-integrated learning system.  While meeting all of the standards is essential, we want the preschool years to be inspiring.  The curriculum encourages children to use their innate curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.  As children progress through this engaging, inquiry-based, hands-on curriculum, they build the skills and approaches to learning that will help them succeed in school.  The InvestiGator Club focuses on child-centered learning.  Investigation themes are built around a specific life, earth, or physical science topic while integrating instruction across all content areas.  These child-centered investigations empower children and excite them in their quest for knowledge